Kelley Koch
Chair | Republican Party of Dallas County

Kelley was first introduced to a big dose of Iowa Republican Politics with
her Junior High friend, Vicki Ray, Governor Ray’s youngest daughter.
Add in a strong conservative household of Ronald Reagan matched with
academic studies of Dr. Ben Carson, and a firm core of conservative values
and principles were set in stone.

Following an extensive career as Director, Cardiac /Kidney/Organ
Transplant Programs, Mercy Hospital Medical Center, Kelley pivoted to
Republican Politics employing a new, bold, high energy model in bringing
Dallas County GOP to the forefront. By using a “Healthcare Approach’ with
political issues: assess/diagnose and plan/treat, Dallas has swiftly moved
forward and modernized as a dominant county party leader within the state
and greater Midwest.

Kelley’s other interest include serving as the State Advisor, Iowa Federation
of Young Republicans, saving/ rescuing animals at the Animal Rescue
League of Iowa, and anything and everything in the great outdoors.

Kelley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, University of Iowa
and a Master’s of Science Degree in Healthcare, Rush University, Chicago.

Scott Bates
Co-Chair | Republican Party of Dallas County

Scott Bates is a “Constitutional Conservative,” who believes in the preservation of all that is good, true, and beautiful about the United States of America. The values, virtues, ideals and traditions that have made America the greatest country in world history.

Scott Bates applies thirty-four years of experience as an insurance claims and structured settlement professional to his current position as Settlement Planning Consultant for the Arcadia Settlements Group (Arcadia).

Scott started his insurance career in 1988 with Allied Insurance, first as a resident multi-line adjuster then later specializing in the negotiation of serious injury claims. In 1999 Scott accepted a position as a structured settlement consultant with Financial Settlement Services (FSS). In 2012 Scott joined Arcadia Settlements where he continues to work today.

Scott’s background as a negotiator is an excellent asset in helping to evaluate the needs of the injured party. Matching settlement dollars to individual needs through the use of a structured settlement, Scott is able to be of great assistance in resolving personal injury, medical malpractice, and Workers’ Compensation claims.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Northern State University (SD) and his Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) designation through The University of Notre Dame.

Shelly Hughes
Secretary | Republican Party of Dallas County

Secretary Shelly Hughes first became interested in public service and politics when she ran for Waukee City Council in 2011 and subsequently served two four-year terms.  During her time on City Council Shelly served on several metro committees and helped grow the suburb from a city of 14,000 to almost 25,000; making many of the crucial decisions to handle the rapid growth responsibly and successfully.  Since then, Shelly has assisted with multiple Campaigns from local to Presidential.

Shelly grew up on a farm in NE Iowa; she, her husband Brian, and their two boys have lived in Waukee since 2009.  They have one son at Iowa State and one at Waukee Prairieview/Northwest.

Recently Shelly has been helping the Dallas County GOP with their Speaker Series and is excited to officially join as Secretary. 

Sondra Schepper
Treasurer | Republican Party of Dallas County

Sondra is an Iowa farm girl and a lifelong conservative. She and her husband, Brian, have lived in rural Dallas County for almost 14 years. Sondra has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She has worked in corporate accounting for 21 years, in several areas including statutory, operational, mortgage, and investment accounting. She retired from her full-time career in 2022 but still works part-time for the family's small business.

After retirement, she attended the Dallas County Board of Supervisors meetings and various conservative organizations’ meetings. Sondra attended her 1st GOP event last September, met some fabulous people, and took home a bunch of yard signs. A few weeks later she joined the “Nunn Train” on the 1st day’s events. It was such a positive experience where she met so many amazing people, she ended up doing more than just the 1st day. Sondra has attended several events since the Nunn Train and decided to stay involved in the Dallas County GOP by using accounting and cheerleading skills to help get great constitutional conservatives elected to office.