Welcome to Dallas County, Iowa the fastest growing county in the State of Iowa, and one of the 50 fastest growing counties in the United States. We are blessed to have great community leaders, great public schools, great places to worship, great recreational facilities, parks, and trails and above most great civic minded citizens.

The Dallas County Republican Party stands for and represents:

1. Small efficient government that is based on fiscally sound principals and is mindful of the taxpayers money

2. Quality public, private, and homeschool education that prepares our children to be tomorrow’s leaders

3. Business friendly environment that encourages business development and growth

4. The entrepreneurial spirit that helps create jobs and opportunities for our citizens

5. Iowa Values that support strong communities and families

We encourage everyone to get involved in their local communities and within the Republican Party of Dallas County because it is your voice and opinion that matters to help shape the future of this great Iowa county.

As the 1st in the Nation Caucuses, we also have a great opportunity to share our opinion with Presidential candidates as they visit our county. We encourage all citizens to participate and be actively involved in this important process which we are blessed to have every four years.

We look forward to seeing you at many of our Republican Party functions and hope that you will become an active participant as we continue to shape this county, state, and nation’s future!

On to Victory,

Kelley Koch
Dallas County GOP Chair